We can use any art!
Use your logo in full color on creatively designed clipboards, mouse pads, luggage tags and coffee mugs.
All samples shown are just examples of what is possible. We have hundreds of pieces of artwork that we can use, or we can digitally master your art from a good quality digital file. Schools and large-order corporate clients will be given artwork at a substantial discount.
Click on any image to see full size...

Clipboards - Dry Erase
Free Lettering!
Unlimited colors, no art charge.

Mouse Pads
Free Lettering!
With Names
$7.00 Without Names
Unlimited colors, no art charge.

Bag & Luggage Tags
Free Lettering!
Size: 2.75” x 4”
1-99 $6.50
100-199 $5.75
200+ $5.25
Made of Heavy Gauage 3/16” thick plastic.
Unlimited colors, no art charge.

Coffee Mugs
Free Lettering!
$11.00 each
26-49 $10.00 each
50+ $9.00 each
White, 11 oz. mugs can be personalized with names, signatures, logos, etc.
Unlimited colors, no art charge.