Ingraham Trophies is a third generation business, now into its seventh decade as a custom awards provider.
The History of our Business
Our Founders

Clyde Ingraham Lois Ingraham
In 1947, the Ingraham family - Clyde, Lois and Robin (only six years old), moved to Merced from Louisiana and two years later opened a small Jewelry store on Main Street. Clyde’s talent for designing jewelry and setting diamonds soon crossed over to hand engraving on custom trophies. In 1956 Clyde’s son, Robin Ingraham, Sr. learned to engrave at age fifteen. A year later, Robin Sr. began selling trophies in bowling allies, which marked the company’s true growth into awards. In 1965, the jewelry store expanded to include a complete line of awards and the trophy department occupied an adjoining building and was overseen by Robin Sr.
In 1972 the business suffered the loss of its patriarch, Clyde, leaving Lois and Robin Sr. to run the business. A mere nine years later, the business was tested as few are when on March 17, 1981, the building housing our business was arsoned and was burned into almost complete loss. Our business overcame numerous difficulties of an insurance short fall, lost business time, operating from a temporary location, and two relocations in this trying time. The jewelry segment of the business continued until Lois’ retirement in 1988.
The Fire of March 17th, 1981
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Throughout the 1980s, Ingraham Trophies continued to expand its business, and under the father and son team of Robin Sr. and Robin Jr., the awards business grew to serve over 100 high schools in California. Computers replaced both panagraph hand engraving machines and light tables to produce our awards. Our in-house art department, lead by Robin Jr., provides a foundation to create any type of custom award you will need.
In 2006, Ingraham Trophies began providing awards to the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) State Championships, as well as six sections - the Northern Section, North Coast Section, Central Coast Section, Central Section, Los Angeles City Section, the San Diego Section and the NIAA (Nevada State) championship awards.
Quality Guarantee
Our mission is to provide the highest quality awards at affordable prices, and fast service on time, every time. Each item is the finest award available. All awards are double checked for accuracy and defects. We do not sell second quality merchandise.
You’ll feel proud when presenting our custom awards in front of your gathered assembly or group. Custom created awards, the way you want them, always on time.